Top 10 Must-Visit Sushi Restaurants in the USA

Sushi in the USA: A Culinary Journey

Sushi, once a rare delicacy in the United States, has now become a beloved cuisine woven into the fabric of American culinary culture. Japanese restaurants have steadily expanded their reach from bustling coastal cities to the heartland, piquing the curiosity and satisfying the palate of the American public. This meteoric rise in popularity can be attributed to the creative fusion of traditional Japanese recipes with innovative techniques and ingredients that captivate and excite the American epicure.

As sushi restaurants have grown in number and innovation, competition between establishments has become increasingly fierce. To stand out from the crowd, chefs and restaurant owners across the country have raised the bar on sushi offerings, from sourcing the freshest and highest-quality fish to crafting one-of-a-kind dishes that artfully blend traditional techniques with modern culinary styles. The result is a vibrant and diverse sushi scene that has something for every sushi aficionado.

In this article, we will take a closer look at a curated list of the top 10 must-visit sushi restaurants in the USA, handpicked for their unique offerings and dedication to quality. Through in-depth profiles, we will explore the stories, chefs, and signature dishes that have propelled these establishments into the spotlight of the American sushi landscape.

Selection Criteria for the Top Sushi Restaurants

To identify the top 10 sushi restaurants in the USA, a rigorous selection process has been employed, taking into account several key factors that are crucial for a great sushi experience.

Quality of Ingredients

The freshness and premium quality of fish sourced by each restaurant has been thoroughly examined. This is because the quality of sushi is highly dependent on the quality of the ingredients, particularly the seafood used. In this case, sushi restaurants that source their fish from reliable and reputable suppliers have scored higher.

Innovative Approaches

Restaurants that showcase unique sushi dishes, fusion cuisine, and in-house specialties also earn high scores in our analysis. The innovative menu items offer customers a new and exciting sushi experience within the context of traditional Japanese cuisine. Thus, introducing fresh and creative takes on classic sushi dishes elevate these restaurants.

Ambiance and Customer Experience

The atmosphere, service, and overall experience offered to the customers are also vital components in the selection process. An optimal dining experience incorporates not only delicious food but also exceptional service and ambiance. Restaurants that excel in providing a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, as well as attentive and knowledgeable service, rank highly in our assessment.

Chef’s Background and Expertise

The level of experience, training, and creativity demonstrated by the sushi chefs at these establishments also play a crucial role in their placement on this list. Chefs with extensive knowledge of traditional Japanese cuisine who have trained in sushi techniques or apprenticed under expert sushi chefs are also recognized as they bring authenticity to the dining experience. Therefore, experts with a passion for sushi and a commitment to quality often create the most fulfilling and memorable dining experiences.

As a result, considering these factors helps ensure that the top 10 sushi restaurants listed here truly stand out for their commitment to quality ingredients, innovation, customer experience, and passion for sushi.

Top 10 Sushi Restaurants in the USA

Sushi Nakazawa, New York City, NY

Established in 2013 by Daisuke Nakazawa, this New York City sushi gem brings the traditional Edomae-style sushi techniques that originated from Tokyo. The menu changes daily, focusing on fresh and seasonal ingredients from local markets. The restaurant’s $150 Omakase menu includes 20 pieces of sushi, showcasing Nakazawa’s mastery in perfectly seasoned rice, delicate fish cuts, and beautiful sushi presentation. Learn more about Sushi Nakazawa.

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Matsuhisa, Beverly Hills, CA

Owned by the renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, Matsuhisa Beverly Hills opened in 1987 and has flourished as the flagship location for a global brand of sushi restaurants. The restaurant offers a unique fusion style of Japanese and Peruvian flavors, creating unforgettable dishes like the iconic Black Cod with Miso and Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno. With its unmatched ambiance and VIP clientele, Matsuhisa Beverly Hills is a must-visit sushi destination. Discover Matsuhisa Beverly Hills.

Uchi, Austin, TX

Founded by Tyson Cole in 2003, Uchi in Austin, Texas, provides innovative sushi and Japanese cuisine options for a wide variety of tastes. Blending traditional and modern techniques with seasonal ingredients, Cole creates dishes that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Signature offerings like the Hamachi Jalapeno and their ever-popular Oshi offerings prove that Uchi is more than just a sushi restaurant – it’s a culinary adventure. Explore Uchi.

Kai, Phoenix, AZ

Kai, located in the Arizona desert, showcases the rich culture and history of the Pima and Maricopa tribes through its Native American-inspired dishes. At Kai, traditional Japanese culinary techniques fuse with authentic ingredients from native Arizona lands. Must-try dishes include the Mesquite-grilled Octopus and the American Indian-inspired antelope ribeye. Chef / Owner Sean Curley and his team continue to create dishes that highlight the essence of Native American heritage. Experience Kai.

Mori Sushi, Los Angeles, CA

Mori Sushi in Los Angeles, CA, stands out for its commitment to authentic Japanese cuisine, with a focus on ultra-perfectionist sushi that competes with the top spots in Tokyo. Featuring a premium omakase experience that includes over 20 courses, each item is meticulously crafted in-house—from the tofu to the soy sauce. The restaurant ensures the highest quality by using mostly wild-caught fish and organic produce sourced from local markets. This dedication makes Mori Sushi a notable destination for those seeking an exceptional sushi dining experience. For more information, visit Mori Sushi.

Sushi Zo, Los Angeles, CA

Sushi Zo in Los Angeles, founded by Keizo Seki, epitomizes the essence of Edomae-style sushi, bringing a slice of Tokyo’s sushi culture to the West. Seki’s dedication is reflected in Sushi Zo’s precise balance of neta (seafood topping) and shari (sushi rice), striving for ittai-kan—perfect harmony. The restaurant offers an omakase experience, which means each dish is selected to showcase the best of what’s seasonal and fresh, served at the ideal moment for the ultimate taste and texture experience. This meticulous attention to detail and quality has earned Sushi Zo critical acclaim, including a Michelin star, making it a must-visit for sushi enthusiasts in LA. For more information, visit Sushi Zo.

Uni, Boston, MA

UNI, located at The Eliot Hotel on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, MA, offers a contemporary take on the traditional izakaya. Under the guidance of Chef/Owner Ken Oringer and Executive Chef David Bazirgan, UNI boasts a menu filled with globally-inspired street food, innovative sushi, and craft cocktails, all complemented by a diverse sake selection. This vibrant dining spot is a go-to for those seeking inventive Japanese cuisine in a lively atmosphere. For more information, visit UNI.

Sushi Kappo Tamura, Seattle, WA

Sushi Kappo Tamura in Seattle, WA, helmed by Chef Taichi Kitamura, delivers an authentic Japanese dining experience with a focus on sustainable and seasonal ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. The restaurant is renowned for its omakase service, where Chef Kitamura showcases his skill and passion for sushi by preparing dishes directly in front of guests. With a deep commitment to environmental stewardship, Sushi Kappo Tamura also maintains a rooftop garden to source hyper-local produce directly for their dishes. This approach has not only won them accolades but also made them a leader in combining traditional Japanese techniques with local sustainability. For more information, visit Sushi Kappo Tamura.

Katana Kitten, New York City, NY

Katana Kitten, nestled in New York’s vibrant West Village, is a distinctive cocktail bar that blends Japanese and American bar culture under the creative direction of celebrated bartender Masahiro Urushido. Known for its unique atmosphere, the bar features decor inspired by Japanese pop and punk cultures and offers a drink menu that includes both traditional Japanese beverages and innovative cocktail creations. The establishment is highly regarded for its meticulous hospitality and has earned a spot among the World’s 50 Best Bars. Whether you’re up for a lively evening or a sophisticated drink, Katana Kitten’s engaging environment and exceptional service make it a must-visit destination in New York City. For more information, visit Katana Kitten.

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Itamae, Miami, FL

Itamae in Miami, FL, is a renowned Nikkei restaurant that captures the essence of Japanese-influenced Peruvian cuisine. Led by the talented Chef Valerie Chang, Itamae has been a hotspot in the Miami Design District, known for its focus on seafood and fresh, seasonal ingredients. Recently, Itamae has transitioned to a new concept called AO, offering an intimate 12-seat tasting menu experience next to its sister restaurant, Maty’s. While you wait for AO to open, you can enjoy their fast-casual concept, B-Side, located in the former space of Itamae​. For more information, visit Itamae.

Geographical Spread of the Top 10 Sushi Restaurants

To ensure readers across the United States can indulge in the best sushi experiences, our list of top sushi restaurants spans a diverse range of states. From east to west, these establishments showcase a balanced representation of the nation’s most exquisite sushi destinations. Below is a breakdown of the selected sushi restaurants by region:

East Coast

  • O Ya: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Sushi Nakazawa: New York, New York (East Village)
  • Sushi Nakazawa: New York, New York (Midtown)
  • Sushi by Bou: Multiple locations in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania

Central US

  • Kyoto Sushi: Chicago, Illinois
  • Sushi Roku: Dallas, Texas

West Coast

  • Mori Sushi: Los Angeles, California
  • Koi Palace: Daly City, California
  • Mikawa: Seattle, Washington


  • King’s Sushi: Atlanta, Georgia

By providing a diverse range of sushi experiences from both coasts and the central and southern states, we ensure readers have a comprehensive guide to the finest sushi spots throughout the USA.

The Role of Japanese Chefs in Elevating the Sushi Scene in the USA

The rise of sushi’s popularity in the United States can be attributed to the skilled and dedicated Japanese chefs who have brought their expertise and passion for fine dining to the American culinary landscape. As part of this article, we will discuss the significant impact of these culinary artists and how their contributions continue to elevate the overall sushi experience available to American patrons.

Introducing the Japanese Master Chefs

  • Chef Nobu Matsuhisa: Famous for his Nobu restaurant chain, Chef Nobu is an exemplar of blending traditional Japanese techniques with innovative Western ingredients. His restaurants are known worldwide for groundbreaking sushi creations.
  • Chef Masa Takayama: The chef behind the acclaimed Masa restaurant, Takayama’s dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and intricate presentation has earned him accolades and recognition in the United States.
  • Chef Katsuya Uechi: With his popular Katsuya chain, Chef Uechi has gained a loyal following in the U.S. due to his dedication to using only the freshest seafood and his delicious fusion dishes.

The Japanese Art of Sushi

Sushi, hailed for its simplicity and elegance, has taken the American culinary scene by storm. This success can be largely credited to the Japanese chefs and their mastery of sushi-making techniques. Some of their notable contributions include:

  1. Maintaining a delicate balance between old and new by mastering traditional techniques and innovating with new ingredients to cater to the American palate.
  2. Focusing on sourcing the highest quality fish through direct importation, line-caught sourcing, or partnerships with local fisheries to ensure the freshest and most exceptional seafood is used in the dishes.
  3. Combining precision knife skills with a keen understanding of fish textures and flavors result in sushi that’s perfectly balanced in taste and texture.
  4. Expressing a deep respect and understanding of the importance of seasonality, as seen through chefs’ menus that change depending on the availability of fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  5. Creating seamless dining experiences that mesmerize patrons with exotic and delicious sushi pairings, while maintaining complete finesse in every detail of the dining experience.

It’s these rare talents and culinary arts that the Japanese chefs bring to the American sushi scene, crafting a dining experience that goes beyond just presentation and flavor. As we continue exploring the top 10 sushi restaurants in the USA, it becomes clear that the unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and experience is what defines the best sushi restaurants across the country. The significant role played by these talented Japanese chefs in elevating the sushi scene in the United States cannot be understated.

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The Rising Popularity of Omakase Dining and the Omakase Experience at Top Sushi Restaurants in the USA

Omakase, a traditional Japanese dining concept that translates to “I’ll leave it up to you”, has been rapidly increasing in popularity among sushi enthusiasts in the USA. This unique culinary experience involves the diners entrusting the chef with deciding their meals for them, based on the freshest available ingredients and their personal tastes. It allows for a more intimate and personalized dining experience, where diners can truly appreciate the chef’s artistry and creativity.

Several of the top sushi restaurants featured in this article offer omakase menus that showcase their chefs’ expertise, passion, and dedication to providing their customers with an unforgettable dining experience. This section will delve into the specifics of the omakase experience at these establishments, illuminating the nuances and sophistication that elevate the overall dining encounter.

Omakase at Sushi Nakazawa (New York, NY)

At Sushi Nakazawa, chef Daisuke Nakazawa serves a 20-course omakase menu that highlights his commitment to impeccable ingredients and his mas

Key Takeaways and Overall Impressions

After analyzing the top 10 sushi restaurants in the USA, it is evident that the sushi scene in America has evolved into a remarkable and diverse culinary landscape. These establishments stand out due to their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and enhancing the overall dining experience.

Quality Ingredients

One of the most crucial factors for a top-notch sushi restaurant is the quality of its ingredients. As noted by leading gourmet site Eater, the best sushi restaurants prioritize sourcing fresh, premium-quality fish from sustainable sources. The chefs at these establishments understand that the taste and texture of their dishes rely heavily on the quality of the ingredients they use.

For instance, the renowned Masa, helmed by chef Masa Takayama, is known for sourcing ingredients directly from Japan, ensuring an unparalleled level of authenticity and quality. Similarly, Nobu, a global sushi powerhouse, consistently upholds its reputation for serving only the finest fish, as evidenced by their strong partnerships with reputable suppliers such as Santa Monica Seafood.

Innovative Approaches

What sets these top sushi restaurants apart from the competition is their innovative approach to traditional sushi techniques and recipes. These establishments continuously push the boundaries of creativity while maintaining the core principles of traditional sushi cuisine.

Take Sushi Yoshitake, for example, where chef Masahiro Yoshitake combines traditional Edomae sushi techniques with modern innovations to create a unique showcase of the best both worlds have to offer. Or consider Kochi, where chef James Syhabout uses California-inspired flavors and his own personal history to craft a fusion-focused sushi journey that encourages customers to explore new flavors and textures.

Ambiance and Customer Experience

As mentioned by esteemed dining guide Zagat, the ambiance and overall experience are vital components in the selection process for top sushi restaurants. Elite establishments understand that a memorable meal extends far beyond the food itself, and they put great effort into creating an atmosphere and experience that complements their culinary offerings.

This notion is exemplified by Sushi Ginza Onodera, where customers are treated to an intimate, authentic Japanese dining experience characterized by impeccable attention to detail, from the sophisticated interior design to the knowledgeable, thoughtful service.

Chef Background and Expertise

Finally, it is impossible to discuss the top sushi restaurants in the USA without acknowledging the incredible talent of the executive chefs who helm these establishments. As mentioned by Thrillist, the culinary brilliance of chefs like Tetsuya Wakuda of Wakuda and Masa Takayama of Masa are instrumental in elevating these restaurants to their elite status. The dedication, expertise, and creativity demonstrated by these talented chefs are the driving forces behind the ever-evolving sushi scene in America.

In conclusion, this in-depth analysis of the top 10 sushi restaurants in the USA provides insight into the factors that contribute to a remarkable sushi dining experience. The key takeaway is that unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and experience are what set these establishments apart and define the best sushi spots across the country. As the American sushi scene continues to flourish, it is truly an exciting time for sushi lovers to explore and experience the unparalleled quality and authenticity that these top restaurants have to offer.